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 Ruins, Book One, Corpses in Armor,  Geralyn Dunbar-Giles 
    Literary Fiction, Historical/Saga

The Boys in the Black Hats, The Boys in White, and the ones in Shades of Grey. Libya,1942. Once upon a time, Baron Dieter Reineke was Hauptmann Dieter Reineke in an army that failed to win a war. Once upon a time, Sir Justin Henry Charles was Squadron Leader Justin Charles, born on the right side of the war. This is the story of Hauptmann Dieter Reineke. It is the story of what he found, and what he did, and the Englishman Charles who waited one step ahead.
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 Till Death Do Us Part,  L. Larvail Napper

This is the story of one woman's faithfulness as her marriage went through the cycles of love, romance, marriage, separation, and loss of her husband through suicide. Tragedy and hope woven together make this a fascinating story that will appeal to anyone in need of healing and hope.

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Irving Gets His Wish, from Samantha's Tales, E. Clinton Louise
    Children's Picture Book


Between Shadow's Ears Book 1, from Tarradiddles of the King,  Caroline M. Reichard

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