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If your questions are not answered by the information provided below,  please send an email to info@lesamisartistes.com

About Us

Les Amis Artistes is a writers' group founded in Virginia in 2011. The purpose of our on-line footprint is to develop and provide a community and platform  for writers to network and display (or link) their works for the purpose of assisting writers in garnering attention for themselves and their work.  We do not sell, edit, publish, or do anything with any writer's work other than assist in providing or expanding their on-line presence i.e., exposure. 

In addition to this website we are in the process of developing a Blog so our writers can dialogue and participate with one another in a community workshop and group forum on all topics relative to writing, including, at a writer's choice, posting and sharing their work for review, comment, or suggestions from their fellow members. If you would like us to notify you when the community Blog is up, please email us and we will add you to our list.

Joining Les Amis Artistes Writers' Consortium

Membership is free and open to writers of all genres including screenwriting and music, whether published or unpublished; remember, we are a site via
 which you can start or increase your on-line presence and audience for you and your work.

Additionally, as we work on developing our community Blog , we are constantly thinking about how we can assist writers on our website beyond listings, links, examples, etc. Currently, our idea is to highlight a writer's work on a rotating basis (e.g., daily/weekly depending upon the number of interested members) random selection (put the names in a hat and pull out one; not really, but you know what we mean) so that all interested writers have a fair and equal opportunity. The featured work will be added to the Home Page. We can upload the author's audio or video file, stream, or post the cover or opening page of a writer's work with a link for visitors to read the author's selection in its entirety, and we will provide a link to the author's website or other on-line source. If you are interested in participating in our seat-of-the-pants experiment, please let us know when you join.


To join Les Amis please send an email to laawriters@gmail.com with JOIN in the subject line and provide the following:
  • Your complete name and pseudonym if you use a pen name, and tell us which name you want to use on the website. Please note that we will not add pseudonyms like "Dark Scary Crow:" to our web base unless you provide us appropriate links so we can confirm you are a real person/serious writer.
  • Your email and general location e.g. your state or area. We do not want or need your home address or telephone number. Please do not send them to us. If you include this information on your website that is your choice. We must have your email so we can communicate with you.
  • The genre(s) of your work, a brief description of your work (1-200 words), the status of your work (published, coming soon, work in progress) your author's bio or statement in the body of the email. Please also identify any sources you would like us to include and/or link to, such as your webpage, publication, or other online source relative to your writing. You do not need to send us the links. We will create the appropriate link for the website. If we have difficulty finding the source from the information you provide we will email you for clarification.
  • An example of your work you want included on the website: If your work is published, please identify in the body of your email where we can view the work. If your work is not published, in the body of your email please include the title of the piece and attach an appropriate file relative to the nature of your writing i.e. a Word document, pdf, jpeg, audio, or video file. Please attach only one file as follows:
  • For Fiction, Non-fiction, novel, short or long stories etc please include 2 pages of the work, or 1 poem if you are a poet, in either WORD or pdf.
  • For screenwriters, etc, please provide either 2 pages of your work OR attach an audio or video file (2-3 minutes long) of a reading or performance of the work.
  • For musicians, singers, please attach 1 song as a audio or video file.
  • For graphic novels, comic books, picture books, etc, if the work contains images please send 2 pages that include the images AND dialogue, and attach as a jpeg file. If the work does not contain images, please attach 2 pages of the work as above (fiction;non fiction) WORD or pdf.
  • For collaborative works of any kind i.e., a work created by more than one person in partnership with one another, please identify each individual by their name and their role. Collaborative artists will be added to the website as a group, AND individually if they so choose with links to their specific works as appropriate. This is the #1 exception to adding "members" who are not authors/writers.
  • For work that include works for hire, i.e., you hired an individual or company to assist you in the creation of the work, e.g. a graphic artist, a singer, back-up band, etc, please identify them or their company in the body of your email, and we will add them to the Authors Page under their specific category, and we will include a link to their website only. This is the #1 exception to adding links to other individuals/companies who are not writers/authors free of charge i.e., free advertisement. There are no other exceptions. For all others, your photographer, hairdresser, editor/editing service, the studio where you bought time to record etc., we assume you will give them credit as required/appropriate. If they wish to advertise on our site please have them email us at laawriters@gmail.com. We welcome advertisements, however advertisement is not free -- it's not expensive, but it is not free.
  • What happens after we receive your email: We will look it over, and if it is good to go, we will send you an email and ask you to provide any other files you wish to have added, including your picture if you so choose. Once we have your files we will add you/your information/files to the website and send you an email letting you know you are live. Overall, this only takes a few days, depending on how fast you respond to us. In the event we do need additional information or clarification before we can proceed we will email you. This doesn't happen often. Just follow the guidelines, and send us your items, nice, neat, complete and professional.
  • Lastly, if you would like to participate in our-seat-of-the-pants experiment of featuring works on our Home Page let us know in your email and we will add your name to the hat!
Membership provides you with the following:

Author's Page: Your name, genre, bio or writer's statement and picture (if provided to us) will be listed. We will also provide a link to your website or blog or other social media page or account.* Additionally, at your request, if you belong to other writing groups or societies we will include a link to their site.


If your work is published, at your request, we will add an image of your book (e.g., book cover or other image if your work is an on-line publication), description (e.g., back flap), and link to a source where visitors can either view or purchase your work, to the "Available" section. We will also include a link to your website, or other social media page or account.*
If your work is anticipated or scheduled to be released, at your request, we will add an image and description of your work in the "Coming Soon!" section. We will also include a link to your website, or social media page or account relative.*
If your work or collection of works (e.g., poetry collection) is completed, and you are seeking to develop or generate interest and a following i.e., "base", at your request, we will add an image (if provided) and description (mandatory) to the "In the Works" section. We will also include a link to your website, or social media page or account.*

* Please note that the inclusion of a link to an author's website or other social media is optional (author's choice) for the Author's Page listing and the Available section of Inklings. To be included in the Coming Soon! or In the Works section of Inklings, the inclusion of a website or other social media link for the author is mandatory. This requirement is to ensure visitor information and access to unpublished authors and their work. It also helps to provide confirmation that: You are a real person; a writer; a serious writer; the work exists; you have something to offer the visitor. We will not include links that are purely "social". Any link must be relative to you as a writer, and your writing.

Samplings:  At your request, we will provide examples of your work for visitor view and information. Your work does not need to be complete to be added to this section. It should be polished and professional. The example can be a pdf, image, audio, or video file, which we will upload. Or the example can be a link to your work e.g., You Tube, Facebook, or other online source for visitor view and information.

Copyright Notice etc.
All works are, and must be the property of the author/writer, and must be submitted by the writer/author only. You may not submit works for someone else, by someone else. Your submission to us is a statement that you are the author/writer of the work; it is your work; you have full rights to the works, and may do with the work what you wish. We are operating under good faith. We presume that you have credited as required, or in courtesy, any person, persons, group or company relative to the development or construction of your work. If it comes to our attention that there is/has been a violation of copyright, or plagiarism of any sort, we will notify you and we will remove your listing/works from our site. Please do not put us or yourself or anyone else in that position.

Additional Information and Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there any exceptions to writers of "all" genres? Yes. We do not accept erotica, slash, pornographic, or any other "adult only" works, or works from extremist organizations. We also do not accept fan fiction, or technical writing. "How-to" books are not technical writing. If you are uncertain if you are a technical writer, chances are you are not a technical writer. Technical writing is a highly specialized field. If you are still uncertain, please send us an email with your questions to info@lesamisartistes.com and we will gladly assist you.
  • If your work would meet the criteria of ratings such as NC17 or Mature Audience only please make sure you tells us this in the body of your email and ensure that your submission file accurately reflects the general content of your work so that we can fairly review it and determine if it meets our criteria of "books for grownups" vs wandering into or too close to the "adult only" category for our comfort. As above we do not accept "adult only" works.
  • I am a screenwriter and/or lyricist/musician, please elaborate on how your site can specifically assist me. Excellent question. All members receive the same benefits. For example, rather than a book, we will link to your CD. Also, we accept audio files, which will allow visitors to hear your music/performance (e.g. reading), or we can link to your site, You Tube, or podcast.
  • Is there an age requirement for the writer? Yes. You must be an adult. In the United States that is age 18 and older. Please note that we respect and understand there are many serious and talented young writers. Right now, however we are not appropriately equipped to oversee/manage youth members. Our site is new. As our site grows, we fully plan on creating a student or young writer forum; it's a wonderful idea. In the interim, please have the responsible adult, (parent, group administrator, school administrator etc) send us an email to info@lesamisartistes.com and we will keep it on file and let them know when the youth group is up and running.
  • Can I join the consortium if I live outside the United States?  Yes. We are an on-line forum; the world is your oyster! Please note, however, we are an English-speaking site.
  • I/we belong to a writers' group. Can I/our group link to your site without becoming members? Yes. Many of our members belong to other groups. It is common practice for writers or groups to link to one another, or for a writer to link to a society to which they belong. If you are seeking to advertise your group, that is, solicit from our site, or if you are an editor, agent, publishing house/service, graphic artist, studio, etc. who does not have a relationship with one or more of our members as described in the above guidelines, please send us an email at info@lesamisartistes.com. We can and will accept advertisements for our site, however advertisement is not free -- It is not expensive, but it is not free.
  • Does Les Amis Artistes exist outside of this on-line group? Yes, we do. We are a writing group located in central/south central Virginia. We meet weekly to write and brainstorm, and we are always seeking ways to expand our group. If you live in central/south central Virginia (e.g., the greater Lynchburg area and its surrounding communities or counties) and you would like to join or stop by our local group and check us out, please send us an email at laawriters@gmail.com. We are an all inclusive group comprised of writers in various stage of their endeavors/careers and we welcome new members.
Thank you for visiting! Happy Writing! We hope to have you join us!

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