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Geralyn Dunbar-Giles is a literary fiction novelist. First published at age 9 after winning a state-wide (Connecticut) literary contest, Geralyn was extensively published as a child and young adult in a variety of genres, with her first novel, I Saw You Tomorrow (fantasy adventure) optioned for publication at only age 17. As an adult, she is the author of the stage play The Stabber (experimental theater, horror), produced and performed in Connecticut, and two e-books Presumed Guilty and Nightlife of the Gods from her science fiction series The Time of Hagalaz. Most recently, the first book Corpses in Armor of her historical trilogy Ruins was published in the U.K. (England) in 2009.

   After decades in Manhattan, Geralyn and her husband Ken live in southern Virginia with their collection of cats.

   Literary Fiction
                              Genres: Historical, Thriller, Science Fiction                   Visit Author's Website


A lifetime storyteller, E. Clinton Louise has been entertaining her family and friends with her tales of wonder and awe for  years. Born in Connecticut, she lives in rural central Virginia with her fat and sassy cat, Samantha, the inspiration for her Samantha's Tales collections of children's stories, romances, and mysteries.

Genres: Children's, Romance, Mystery                                Contact Author

Minister L. Larvail Napper is a teacher, preacher, author, entrepreneur, and most of all a mother and a grandmother. Widowed after 21 years of marriage, she ventured out and started a writing career. Her first book released was Till Death Do Us Part, 2007. Larvail's newest release is her poem "I am the Teacher". A graduate of Lynchburg College (Lynchburg, VA), she teaches Special Education in Lynchburg City Schools. Larvail lives in rural central Virginia and loves to donate her spare time helping people in the community. Larvail is the president and founder of God's Way Ministries (501c3) and a staff member at the RAMP Church International.

Genres: Christian, Inspirational, Memoir

Caroline M. Reichard was born and raised in rural central Virginia and shares an ancestral relationship with authors Charles Perrault and Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain). Caroline earned a BA in English (Creative Writing emphasis) in 2002 from Randolph-Macon Woman’s College in Lynchburg, Virginia. In keeping with her family’s writing tradition, she has authored several books of poetry, including Cobblestones and Chimera, a novel, La Guerra Grande, and a personal memoir, I Once was Mute, but Now I Sing. Caroline lives with her children and her assortment of cats and dogs in Madison Heights, Virginia.


  Poetry 4th Place The River Beneath
Fiction 10th Place Between Shadow's Ears

        Genres: Children's & Young Adult, Poetry, Memoir                          Visit Author's Website             

Donna Marie Tyree
lives in central Virginia with her loving husband and two wonderful children. Stemming from a long line of story tellers, some of her fondest memories result from moments at her grandpa’s feet, listening intently to his tall tales. Closet writing since she was a child, Donna Marie now shares her lighter stories with her children, while continuing to create new adventures for old and young, alike.

Contemporary Fiction
Genres: Thriller, Horror, Science Fiction                                        Visit Author's Blog

Evelyn Dunbar Webb is the recipient of the Writing for Children - San Gabriel Writers' League Award, 2004, for her children's story The Gift; the Margaret I. Raynal Fiction Award, 2001, for her children's story, The Word Collector the Margaret Walker Memorial Poetry Award, 2001, for Aunt Maude's Window; the Helen Calvert Ekphrasis Award, 2000, for her ekphrasis essay, Alice Joins the Lobster Quadrille.

Her poetry has appeared in Pebble Lake Review,
King's Day 1965; Hail, Muse! etc., To my malevolence - I am nightmare; Thin Air Magazine, Imaginary Truths; Cairn, Dainty toes and Decking; the Gihon River Review, Little king of the salt marshes, The apple man, Aunt Maude's Window, Precocity Pantoum, Reprise; the Greater Lynchburg Guide, The Feast  of Hallowtide; and the 7th Annual Writer's Digest Poetry Award Collection, Bone and Sinew. Other works have appeared in Hail Muse! etc., Ethelred in the Land of Time (fiction), and Chasing Rainbows (play), and her non-fiction articles in The Greater Lynchburg Guide.

A graduate of Randolph-Macon Woman's College and Liberty University (Lynchburg, VA), and The Institute of Children's Literature (West Redding, CT), she is a teacher and workshop instructor, teaching Literature and Composition to at-risk middle and high school students for Lynchburg City Schools. Evelyn lives in rural central Virginia with her husband.

Genres: Children's & Young Adult, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Poetry                Visit Author's Website

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